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Assistant Housekeeper 助理管家

Sanya, Hainan, China

Assistant Housekeeper 助理管家

  • Sanya
  • Housekeeping Division
  • Full time

Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individual or a group toward goal achievement.


Balances and supports staff and organizational needs –provides the necessary support and gets the job done.


Proactively seeks out creative solutions to training needs

积极的寻找具有创意牲的方案, 来配合培训需求

Problem Solver/Sound Analyzer


Considers the big picture when making decisions; consider both short and long-term implications.

当需要做决定的时会考虑到整体因素; 会考虑短期和长期影响.

Appropriately analyzes a problem given its severity or impact.


Make decisions in a timely manner.


Actively seeks ideas and solutions from others to determine the best solution.


Closing date: Sep 30, 2021

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