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Chef de Partie - Pastry 饼房厨师主管

Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China

Chef de Partie - Pastry 饼房厨师主管

  • Shanghai, China
  • Kitchen Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Dec 15 2022 at 23:55 HKT

Scope of Position

  • The Pastry Chef de Partie is responsible to assist the Sous Chef or Executive Pastry in supervising culinary operations of a specific kitchen or outlet.
  • Maintain clear communications with the Sous Chef or Executive Pastry Chef, including all relative internal communications, and to relay all guest comments both positive and negative.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental/hotel policies and procedures.
  • To supervise the kitchen team and produce consistently high quality food production and presentation, always meeting agreed standards.
  • He is to ensure a positive & professional working environment throughout the kitchens and influence culinary members through demonstrating technical skills, sharing knowledge and upholding all culinary & hotel standards.
  • Train and develop junior kitchen staff to operate to the required standards as established by the Hotel and Chef’s Office.
  • Ensure that agreed food hygiene, licensing and safety standards are communicated, upheld or surpassed, at all times.
  • Abide by all rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the hotel.
  • Ensure the effective Inter kitchen and inter departmental communications are conducted in professional manner
  • Ensure kitchen is set up and closed according to Standard Operating Procedures, including correct storage of all foods and meeting HACCP Standards.


  • Minimum high school, tourism school or culinary school certification  
  • Minimum of 5-7 years cooking experience in restaurant and/or 4-5 star hotel kitchen (or relevant work experience)
  • Minimum of 2 years in supervision experience
  • Able to physical work
  • Good English skills
  • Able to work flexible schedules
  • Positive creative
  • Self-motivated and team player
  • Ability in fast pace environment


  • 饼房厨师主管负责协助饼房行政总厨或副厨师长管理相关厨房的运转。
  • 保持与饼房行政总厨或副厨师长良好的沟通, 及时传达内部及顾客的意见和建议。
  • 了解并遵守酒店或部门各项规定和程序。
  • 负责管理面包房厨师, 保证食品的色、香、味、形, 达到食品的标准。
  • 负责确保在时间表允许的情况下,面包和其它烘烤类食品是新鲜的(即使已接近关门时间)。
  • 确保厨师在一个积极和专业的工作环境中工作, 使各成员能够共同交流、探讨相关技术和知识, 了解并达到厨房及酒店的各项标准。
  • 培训初级厨房工作人员以达到酒店及总厨办公室制定的标准。
  • 保证食品的卫生、许可及安全标准是被了解并认同的。
  • 遵守酒店各项规章制度及程序。
  • 确保所在厨房及部门内的良好沟通。
  • 确保厨房按照标准操作程序装备及收档, 包括所有食品的正确保存同时达到HACCP标准。


  • 持有高中、旅游或烹饪学校证书以上
  • 5-7年4、5星级酒店或餐厅厨房工作经验(或相关工作经验)
  • 2年以上管理经验
  • 能胜任本职工作
  • 良好的英语水
  • 能够适应不同班次
  • 积极创新
  • 具备良好的自制力及团队合作精神
  • 能够适应快节奏的工作环境

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