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Chief Income Auditor

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Z¸aby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates

Chief Income Auditor

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Accounting & Finance Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Nov 30 2021 at 22:15 +04


  • Responsible for following and understanding all Emirates Palace Policies & Procedures.
  • Responsible for behaving in a professional and harmonious manner and following the Emirates Palace code of conduct.
  • Responsible for collecting all paperwork for all revenues and ensuring accuracy and compliance with the policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all revenues have been captured, recorded, and posted accurately.
  • Responsible for monitoring and recording all in-house charges and verifying compliance with the established policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for checking all credits, voids, and complementary postings. Any discrepancies must be recorded and reported.
  • Responsible for reviewing Travel Agent Commissions and checking for manual postings or edits.
  • Responsible for balancing the income with the respective ledger balances (Guest Ledger, City Ledger, and Deposit Ledger).
  • Responsible for monitoring and reporting any suspicious or incorrect postings.
  • Responsible for performing spot checks daily and alternating between the areas checked.
  • Responsible for verifying all payment methods are accurate and all data has been transferred and posted fully.
  • Responsible for performing any additional duties assigned by Management and assisting in other areas of Accounting as needed.
  • Responsible for communicating with supervisor on any discrepancies in invoices or other potential problems.


  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Finance, Hospitality or other business related field of study
  • 3 years experience in Hospitality Accounting
  • Strong level of proficiency in Excel

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