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Chinese Kitchen Food Processor Cook 中厨房打荷

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Chinese Kitchen Food Processor Cook 中厨房打荷

  • Guangzhou
  • Kitchen Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Jan 12 2023 at 23:55 HKT

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities:

  • Report all challenges and failures of machinery, tools or equipment’s and follow up.
  • Liaise and communicate with other Chef De Partie and Section leaders on any inter departmental requirements.
  • Attend all training sessions deemed suitable by the Department Head
  • Be present and hands on in preparation and presentation of foods as required.
  • The Chef De Partie is assisting the Junior Sous Chef or Sous Chef with the production and quality control of all foods prepared in his/her respective area section.
  • Assist Junior Sous Chef or sous chef in all the menus implementation.
  • Perform any other reasonable duties as required by the department head
  • Identify areas of improvement through suggestions


Job Requirement:

  • One year or above of steamer experience
  • Able to control the timing for the double boiler for soup and steam items
  • Team player with initiative.
  • Able to absorb information effectively.
  • Open and eager to everything new.
  • Basic cooking knowledge with solid foundation.
  • College degree/diploma from an accredited culinary institution or apprenticeship.
  • 1 year’ work experience in 5 star hotel or high profile restaurant in similar capacity.



  • 及时汇报并跟进设备用具的维护状况,及时报损及跟进维护和维修。
  •  与其他厨师主管和部门主管及时沟通与联系以保持档口间工作协调一致。 
  • 及时参加与本职位相关的培训。
  • 必须直接参与菜品的备料,加工和装盘
  • 协助副厨师长或厨师长在其各自责档口内完成所有食物准备工作及食物出品质量控制。
  • 协助厨师长落实执行菜单。
  • 根据上级要求及工作需要调整工作职责范围。
  • 虚心接受改进建议.



  • 要求做过一年以上上什
  • 熟练炖汤,蒸鱼时间控制
  • 积极主动,有团队精神。
  • 有较强的有效沟通能力。
  • 思维开放并乐于接受新事物。
  • 基本的烹饪知识及扎实的基本功
  • 国家承认的大专以上烹饪专业学历。
  • 一年以上五星级酒店或高级餐厅相关工作经验。

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