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Club Lounge Supervisor

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Z¸aby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates

Club Lounge Supervisor

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Rooms Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Jan 31 2023 at 23:55 +04

Major Responsibilities

  • Create and strategize duties and responsibilities of Club Lounge colleagues and ensure that work processes are in a logical order
  • Ensure proper staffing at all times
  • Ensure that Legendary Quality Experiences, policies and procedures are properly understood and followed through
  • Perform all aspects of colleague and training functions, including hiring, performance appraisals, counselling, coaching, training, disciplinary actions
  • Ensure and maintain a very high standard of personal hygiene, behavior and grooming standards of staff
  • Ensure that the Legendary Service Training manual is continuously updated, maintained and used effectively
  • Perform any other reasonable duties as required by the Front Office Manager or the Rooms Manager. 
  • To respond to changes in the Rooms function as dictated by the industry, company and hotel.
  • Work very closely with other sub-sections of the Front Office to provide the Mandarin Oriental personalized service to the guests.
  • To attend training sessions and meetings as and when required.
  • Perform any tasks as assigned by the Management 

Human Resources/ Colleagues

  • To oversee the punctuality and appearance of all Club Lounge employees, making sure that they wear the correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene, according to the hotel and department’s grooming standards.
  • To plan and implement effective training programmes for all Club Lounge employees in coordination with the Training Manager and Departmental Trainers.
  • To develop the skills and effectiveness of all Club Lounge employees through the appropriate training, coaching, and/or mentoring.
  • To support the implementation of Mandarin Oriental’s guiding principles.
  • To ensure that employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to employee rules and regulations.
  • To ensure that employees follow all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to fire and hazard safety, and security.

 Guest Service

  • To ensure that all Club Lounge Agents deliver the Mandarin Oriental’s guiding principles and provide exceptional guest service at all times.
  • To ensure that Club Lounge Agents also provide excellent service to internal customers as appropriate.
  • To assist Executive Club guest room allocation.
  • To assist in greeting and checking-in VIP and Long Stay guests, or to ensure that they are met personally.
  • To ensure that all Club Lounge Colleagues are familiar with the hotel’s products and services.
  • To implement consistent guest recognition programmes and maintain a relevant guest history database.
  • To personally and frequently verify that guests are receiving the best possible service during check-in and check-out.
  • To ensure that guest history records are accurately maintained and all repeat guests preferences are met.

 Food and Beverage

  • Trains, evaluates and schedules Club Lounge staff in accordance with the standards of the company policies and guidelines.
  • Develop and implement system for checking maintenance of tabletop supplies through staff side work duties.
  • Create side work schedules for all positions. Ensure compliance and follow through.
  • Keep record and communicate of any exemplary or deficient examples of food, décor or service.
        • Provide excellent service at all time to all of our guests
        • Assist Guest courteously and efficiently
        • Managing day- to day operations
        • To supervise the maintenance and cleanliness of the lounge at all times
        • Excellent knowledge of food and beverage.
        • To manage proper staffing level.
        • To manage proper supplies level.
        • Conduct daily communication meeting with staff prior to shift
        • Ensure Club Lounge service standard.
        • To visit all of our guest tables during or after their visit, to ensure satisfaction.
        • Uphold and enforce all hotel policies and procedures as stated in hotel colleague handbook.
        • Coordinate all aspects of service to include but not limited to:
    • Food and beverage requirements
    • Timing of events
    • Special attention guests
    • Table setup
    • Special requests
    • Complimentary desserts, drinks etc.
    • Billing instructions
    • Authorized signatures
    • Décor (to include floral) requirements

Hygiene and Cleanliness

  • Ensure that hotel grooming and hygiene standards are being maintained, enhancing a professional image
  • Ensure that the environment of the outlet is being maintained to MO standards

Health and Safety

  • Be aware of, and comply with, safe working practices as laid down under FHLSS. This will include your awareness of any specific hazards at your work place
  • Be aware of, and comply with local and relevant Food Acts.
  • Wear any appropriate protective clothing provided by or recommended by the Hotel.
  • Report any defects in the building, plant or equipment according to the Hotel procedures.
  • Ensure any accidents to colleagues, guests or visitors are reported in accordance with Hotel procedures.
  • Attend all statutory fire training and to be fully conversant with and abide by all rules concerning, fire, health & safety.
  • Be aware of Fire safety plans
  • Adhere to Safe & Sound procedures regarding Health & safety
  • Attend any training deemed appropriate by your Head of Department

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