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Director of Finance 财务总监

Sanya, Hainan, China

Director of Finance 财务总监

  • Sanya
  • Accounting & Finance Division
  • Full time
  • The Director of Finance is responsible for the determination of optimum control objectives and for the installation and maintenance of appropriate internal control systems over income, expenditure, assets and liabilities within the hotel. In the performance of these duties, the Financial Controller must maintain a spirit of responsiveness among all persons and functions supervised, in order to produce a positive and unified approach to the fulfilment of all responsibilities of the position
  • 财务总监负责确定最佳控制目标,并负责在酒店内部安装和维护适当的内部控制系统,包括收入、支出、资产和负债。在履行这些职责时,财务总监必须在所有人和监督职责中保持响应的企业精神,以产生一种积极和工作一致性来履行该职位的所有责任。
  • To direct, manage, and support the development, implementation, maintenance and administration of all financial controls and accounting procedures, based upon a maximisation of internal control techniques consistent with MOHG established policy and generally accepted accounting principles, as adapted to the requirements of the hotel’s management contract and other local legal requirements.


  • The Director of Finance is required to play an active role the management of the hotel and to exercise a responsive attitude to the needs of the General Manager and other members of the hotel management team.


  • To ensure compliance to terms and conditions of the hotel’s management contract, with particular regard to provisions relating to the company’s responsibilities as the managers and bringing any discrepancies to the immediate attention of the General Manager and MOHG corporate management.


  • To be actively involved in the search for opportunities to improve the profitability of the hotel and encourage the preparation of exception reports and analyses to help meet and measure the success of this objective.


Closing date: Jul 31, 2021

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