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Director of Residences

New York, NY, United States, New York, United States

Director of Residences

  • New York, NY, United States
  • Residences Division
  • Full time

The Director of Residences is primarily responsible for, but not limited to, the overall Residences operations and management of all pre and post-opening operations activities, including the continual enhancement and improvement of operations.  This position will be responsible for interfacing with Residence owners, hotel executive committee, and hotel staff as it relates to all residential matters, including directly supervising all dedicated Residences staff, managing relationships with unit owners and ensuring the provision of superior service levels for all amenities and services offered.


This position will be responsible to ensure compliance with, and completion of, all MOHG’s obligations relative to the applicable Residences Property Management Agreement, including management services reasonably required for the administration of the Residential Homeowners Association (HOA), and perhaps other legal entities, as well being the point person for managing all aspects of the HOA in accordance with local regulations.


This position will interface directly with MOHG functional specialists, including legal, finance, and operations, providing contract, budget and pre-opening expertise as it relates to their specific project.  Additionally, this position will liaise with the other hotel departments in the operation of the residences during the pre-opening process as well as ongoing operations post opening. 


Success will be defined through effective and efficient execution of all MOHG obligations, efficient coordination of resources within MOHG and the local property, timely and accurate supporting analyses, and superior service as measured by independent assessments of Residence owner satisfaction (TBD) driven by core legendary quality experiences (LQE’s).


Residences Management

  • Ensure that all required reports and data are submitted on time to the relevant corporate and hotel offices.
  • Ensure total compliance with standards of operation and service standards at all times throughout division.
  • Perform regular inspections and reviews of all operations on a daily basis to ensure that all quality standards are being maintained.
  • Ensure that staffing is maintained at an appropriate level to match business demand.
  • Participate in all regular and ad hoc operational meetings as required.
  • Review all owner comments and complaints and corrective action taken and formulate solutions to prevent dissatisfaction reoccurring.
  • Coordinating functional support from hotel staff, including food & beverage, catering, spa, housekeeping and engineering to deliver superior basic and a la carte services
  • Primary liaison between Residence Board of Directors and the hotel management, hotel staff and MOHG
  • Primary liaison between Residence owners and the hotel management, hotel staff and MOHG
  • Development of all direct reports through coaching
  • Manage projects and any other reasonable duties as required by hotel management.
  • Fulfill all MOHG obligations as contained within the Property Management Agreement, while minimizing risk and exposure
  • Coordinating and managing all move-ins and move-outs
  • Coordinating all architectural reviews for renovations and alterations, ensuring compliance with all local building codes
  • Administrative matters such as holding annual board meetings and annual residence owner meetings, support documentation and other matters related to unit owner transfers of ownership, manage official correspondence, maintenance of corporate records and procurement of fidelity bonds or similar insurance requirements

Human Resources

  • Human resource strategy for recruitment and selection of Residence employees
  • Career development programs for Residence employees
  • Appropriate compensation and benefit packages for Residence employees
  • Residence labor cost management


  • Financial matters such as collection of assessments, managing accounts, making payments, securing insurance, budget preparation and financial reporting on behalf of the board
  • Creation and management of adequate document control for all policies, procedures  and transactions in the operation of the Residences
  • Establish and manage the annual HOA reserve plan/budget
  • The establishment of the annual HOA budget (post-opening), ensuring adequate controls and overall financial performance
  • The billing and collection of HOA maintenance fees and any other fees due from unit owners.
  • The maintenance of contract files and the negotiation and coordination with external vendors and Residence service providers.
  • Ensuring all department heads and managers have an understanding of the financial aspects of the HOA and complex allocation methodology


  • Physical plant matters such as routine maintenance and care for residence Common Areas, managing deferred maintenance plans (reserves) and enforce compliance with applicable rules and regulations and standards
  • Formulation and implementation of common area maintenance plans
  • Oversee the strategic direction of general projects related to the enhancement of the residences common space and assets. The project management covers the areas of planning, administration, implementation and evaluation of financial results of project.


  • Monitor compliance with the Residence Identification (brand license) Agreement and monitor Residence owner and local real estate agent usage of MOHG marks.
  • Coordinate all Residence owner events, including holiday events and events around the annual Residence board and owner meetings

Information Technology

  • Facilitate effective and efficient communication between the Residence owners, hotel departments and the hotel service providers
  • Allow Residence owners to have seamless connectivity to telephony, television and audio service providers
  • Ensure that Residence line staff have the IT tools they require to perform their functions efficiently


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