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Hostess 餐厅领位

Beijing, China

Hostess 餐厅领位

  • Beijing
  • Food & Beverage Division
  • Full time
  • Closing date: Oct 31 2021 at 23:55 HKT

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities 工作职责

  • To consistently achieve the service and product delivery standards with a high degree of client care and service at all times.
  • 始终保持给予客人的服务及出品都是始终如一的高标准。
  • To demonstrate a pride in workplace and a high level of commitment.
  • 演示出引以为豪的工作场所和高质量的保证。
  • Support company's philosophy and company culture through the use of Pillars and Legendary Quality Experiences on a daily basis to ensure Guest Satisfaction and the achievement of our Mission Statement.
  • 通过日常的工作让客人满意并体验的我们的支柱,传奇及文华东方会议的服务经历,来维持公司的价值观和公司文化,从而完成我们的使命。
  • Provide excellent service at all time to all of our guests.
  • 无时无刻为客人提供优质的服务。
  • Assist guests courteously and efficiently.
  • 有礼貌及高效地为客人效劳。
  • To collect and updating Guests’ database.
  • 收集和更新客户信息。
  • Assist in training.
  • 协助培训。
  • Organization of team-building activities.
  • 组织团队建设活动。
  • Administrative duties including daily report, competition check, ordering of office supplies.
  • 行政的工作包括每日报表,市场的调查,办公室物品订购。
  • To suggest and correctly take customer food and beverage order with up selling technique.
  • 利用正确的技巧为客人推荐食物和酒水。
  • Enter all sales in POS without errors. Double check list of items before “sending”.
  • 能正确点击POS系统上面的所有项目,并在每次“送单”之前再从新检查一遍。
  • To maintain the back of the house neat, tidy, clean and safe.
  • 维护后场的清洁干净,安全,整齐。
  • Responsible for cash float and cashiering.
  • 负责收银员的工作。
  • Continuously monitor his/her section for maximum guest’s satisfaction.
  • 最大限度的令客人满意。
  • To carry out daily, weekly and monthly inventory.
  • 参与每个天,每个星期,乃至每个月的盘点。
  • To wish each and every guest a warm farewell and thank them for coming.
  • 真心感谢每一个来餐厅用餐的客人,谢谢他们的到来。
  • To fully inform and aware about all information connecting to Food and Beverage outlets and Mandarin Oriental Wangfujing, Beijing /Group generally.
  • 必须清晰的了解所有有关北京王府井文华东方酒店管理集团和餐饮部的信息。
  • To have role of good Brand ambassador.
  • 担当良好的形象大使。
  • To maintain all Hotel’s assets.
  • 维护酒店所有的资产。

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