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Housekeeping Supervisor

Miami, FL, United States, Florida, United States

Housekeeping Supervisor

  • Miami, FL, United States
  • Housekeeping Division
  • Full time

The Company

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and resorts.  The Group now operates or has under development 44 hotels with more than 11,000 rooms in 28 countries in key business and leisure destinations.

The Hotel

With 326 guest rooms and 31 suites, Mandarin Oriental, Miami is located in Brickell Key and is a prime location for both business and leisure guests.  It is an urban resort with a Miami’s only private beach and Florida’s only Forbes dual 5-star property.  

Scope of Position

The Housekeeping Supervisor is responsible for supervising the overall Housekeeping Floor operations.

Organizational Structure

The Housekeeping Supervisor will report directly to the Housekeeping Manager. The functional positions of Guest Room Attendant, Turndown Attendant and House person will report directly to the Housekeeping Supervisor.  

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • Deliver and drive the execution of all Pillars, LQEs and MOQA standards.
  • Ensure radio is fully charged and working on the proper Housekeeping channel.
  • Review Meet & Greet and know the VIPs in their section to timely execute service and requests.  
  • Must be able to continuously walk for 8 hours a day to inspect rooms and areas.
  • Must wear an ear piece while carrying a radio in all guest contact areas.
  • Review traces and special requests in their section to ensure all traces/requests are accurately completed on time and communicate to Coordinator/Manager to place a DNM.
  • Review Meet & Greet and ensure VIP rooms are expedited for service and all special requests are met.
  • Monitor all guest requests in HotSOS to be completed by the House person to ensure they are timely executed and accurate providing assistance as needed to ensure complete guest satisfaction and standards are followed.
  • Ensure the House person in their section has delivery equipment for the shift that is properly cleaned and in excellent condition- carts for equipment and small trays for amenity deliveries with orchid blooms.   
  • Perform initial inspection of their section (hallways, guest elevator landings, service landings and storage closets and directs the House person as appropriate to dust, clean, mop, vacuum, straighten, and/or re-stock as needed via HotSOS if applicable.
  • Report via HotSOS any malfunctioning equipment, lights out, paint touch ups, carpet shampooing needed, etc.
  • Communicate replenishment needs of linens and all operational and guest supplies immediately to the Laundry Department, the House person or the Manager if needed throughout the shift.
  • Perform related work as required including the full cleaning and/or assistance of cleaning stayover and departure rooms, turndown rooms and house person duties as needed.
  • Monitor the House persons, Room Attendants and/or Turndown Attendants to ensure they are fully participating in the hotel’s Clean the World program.  
  • Inspect and release all rooms (Vacant) assigned in their section per shift for same day and future arrivals via HotSOS.
  • Assist with the inspection and release of arrival rooms outside of their section when needed to drive efficiency within the department and to prevent “rooms not ready” and/or limit guest wait time.   
  • Formal HotSOS Inspections – 1 occupied and 1 checkout per room attendant, daily assigned in their section - target is 10 per day or 50 inspections per week.
  • Formal HotSOS Inspections – 1 occupied or vacant turndown room per turndown attendant, daily assigned to the PM Supervisor – target is 10 per day or 50 per week.
  • Formal HotSOS Inspections – 1 hallway condition inspection and 1 service landing and closet inspection per assigned floor per day.
  • Formal HotSOS Inspections- 1 room attendant/turndown attendant cart inspection assigned in their section per day.
  • Follow up with colleagues to ensure iPods are working and utilized properly and re-train colleagues who need assistance.
  • Use HotSOS to its full potential (monitoring the progress of the team, rush rooms for inspections and cleaning, MURs/DNDs, and all guest service requests to ensure they are expedited correctly and on time).
  • Monitor efficiency of Room Attendants and change assignments (DNDs, Refused Service, Late Service) accordingly in REX to maximize productivity.
  • Coach and counsel the Room Attendants and House persons on a daily basis regarding their performance.
  • Communicate to Managers at the end of each shift any performance related issues that need to be formerly addressed with the colleagues and be actively involved in the counselling of those colleagues.
  • Pass-On all pertinent information to all Managers at the end of the shift.
  • Attend the PM Rooms Meeting once per month to review their section (overall room condition, landings and hallways).
  • PM Supervisor to check status of remaining rooms to turndown at 8:00PM and expedite assisting those behind in servicing.
  • PM Supervisor to review all task assignment sheets of Turndown Attendants at the end of the shift to ensure all rooms are completed, checked multiple times for double locks and DNDs.
  • PM Supervisor to ensure rooms that have DND, Double Lock and Refused Service via REX at the end of the shift are emailed to the Front Office, Concierge, PBX, Guest Relations and HSKP.
  • PM Supervisor to ensure the HSKP Pass email is complete and sent each night.
  • PM Supervisor to ensure all iPod devices are properly, inventoried, charged and secured.

Success Profile for this role



Customer focus

Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal (colleagues) and external customers; gets first-hand customer information (or preferences) and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers/colleagues in mind. Upholds and drives our LQEs through daily actions; establishes and maintains effective relationships with both internal and external customers and gains their trust and respect.


Drive for results

Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; is constantly and consistently one of the top performers; very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and others for results.

Functional & Technical Skills

Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment. Is knowledgeable about, and role models, the MOHG SOPs and LQEs.


Practices attentive and active listening; has the patience to hear people out; can accurately restate the opinions of others even when he/she disagrees.

Time Management

Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time; concentrates his/her efforts on the more important priorities; gets more done in less time than others; can attend to a broader range of activities. Makes decisions in a timely manner.


Developing Self and Others

Is personally committed to and actively works to continuously improve him/herself; works to deploy strengths: works on compensating for weakness and seeks feedback. AS APPLICABLE – provides challenging and stretching tasks and assignments for others; holds frequent development discussions; is aware of each person’s career goals; constructs compelling development plans and executes them. Uses PROFILE/Performance Discussions for Line Colleagues effectively for talent management and development; is a people builder and a motivator and supports the company initiatives to ensure continuous improvement of our LQEs.

Interpersonal savvy

Relates well to all kinds of people, up, down, and sideways, inside and outside the organisation; builds appropriate rapport; builds constructive and effective relationships; uses diplomacy and tact; can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.

Directing others

Is good at establishing clear directions; sets stretching goals; distributes the workload appropriately; lays out work in a well-planned and organised manner; maintains two-way dialogue with others on work and results; brings out the best in people; is a clear communicator.

Fairness to direct reports

Treats direct reports equitably; acts fairly; has candid discussions; doesn't have hidden agenda; doesn't give preferential treatment. Provides timely and appropriate feedback.


Ethics and values & Integrity

Adheres to an appropriate (for the setting) and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times; acts in line with those values; rewards the right values and disapproves of others; practices what he/she preaches. Is widely trusted; is seen as a direct, truthful individual; keeps confidences; admits mistakes and flaws.


Can get things done quietly without unnecessary noise; quickly admits flaws and mistakes; is careful to make others comfortable; is authentic; helps others save face in difficult situations; maximises the contribution of all; encourages the expression of viewpoints from all concerned; is modest and self-effacing; respects the views of others.


Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when under pressure or when times are tough; is considered mature; can be counted on to hold things together during tough times; can handle stress; is not knocked off balance by the unexpected; doesn't show frustration when resisted or blocked; is a settling influence in a crisis.

Mandarin Oriental reserves the right to add, delete, change or modify the job, duties and responsibilities described in this Job Description, at the company’s discretion, at any time with appropriate notice. 

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