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HSKP Coordinator 客房部协调员

Sanya, Hainan, China

HSKP Coordinator 客房部协调员

  • Sanya
  • Housekeeping Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Sep 30 2022 at 23:55 HKT
  • To answer all telephone calls according to procedures.
  • 按照程序接听所有电话
  • To liaise and follow up with other department to ensure the efficient operation of the Housekeeping Department.
  • 联络其他部门并且与其他部门一起跟进事项, 来确保管家部运作可高效进行
  • To be knowledgeable in Housekeeping’s computer function.
  • 可以正确的操作管家部电脑功能
  • To be able to work independently and ability to handle all guest requests and complaints in a confidence manner.
  • 可独立工作, 拥有处理客人要求和投诉的能力
  • To conduct daily inventory of Housekeeping keys/pagers after each shift.
  • 管理每天管家部钥匙/寻呼机的点算
  • To co-ordinate and prepare all blocked arrival rooms i.e. VIPs, Individual or Group rooms reports.
  • 协调并确保所有已经预定即将入住的客房都准备妥当. 如贵宾房, 散客或团队预定房
  • To print and monitor on all daily room discrepancy reports.
  • 每天都打印并监督客房状况报告以确定现况和报告没有差异
  • To print and prepare all required reports for each shift.
  • 为每个工作班次打印并准备所需报告
  • To assign and ensure that all guest requests are completed within 30 minutes of request.
  • 分配任务并确保所有的客人要求都在30分钟内完成
  • To control and assign all uncovered rooms, “DND” and refuse services rooms.
  • 控制并分配所有没有具体人员负责的房间以及请勿打扰和不需服务的房间
  • To update status of rooms on computer as and when required.
  • 有需要时,要在电脑上更新房间状态
  • To inform Engineering of all maintenance defects and follow up all items requested for by guests.
  • 告知工程部所有需维修的报单和跟进所有客人要求的事项
  • To schedule program maintenance work i.e. window cleaning, balcony cleaning, shampooing, carpet spotting, weeding, floor polishing job to cleaners and contractors.
  • 规划维护工作时间并告知清洁工作和承包商. 如窗户清洗, 阳台清洁, 地毯清洗, 锄草, 地板打蜡
  • To set and release OOO as and when required.
  • 当需要时, 设立并释放故障的客房
  • To co ordinate and control hand over room assignment for the evening cleaning staff.
  • 为午班员工协调并控制午班客房工作分配和交接
  • To prepare new arrival rooms for turn down staffs.
  • 如有新入住房需开夜床, 需立刻通知相关员工
  • To print and prepare all reports required for filing at closing shift.
  • 打印并准备每晚需要归档的报告
  • To record lost and found items brought down by cleaning staff.
  • 对员工捡到的失物招领事项进行记录
  • To raise property clearance pass for all perishable items brought down by evening cleaning staff.
  • 填好物品放行单并交给晚班清洁人员以便把易腐烂的东西带出酒店
  • To perform any other tasks or projects as assigned by the hotel management.
  • 履行酒店管理层分派的任何其他任务

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