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Learning & Development Manager

Macau, Macao

Learning & Development Manager

  • Macau
  • Human Resources Division
  • Full time

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support company’s philosophy and company culture through the use of Pillars of Legendary Quality Experiences on a daily basis to ensure Guest Satisfaction and the achievement of our Mission Statement
  • Set-up the payroll administration for trainees in conjunction to the Finance Department as well as the guidelines set by MOHG
  • Orientates and trains new colleagues in a way that teaches and embodies the group and the hotel’s Vision and Mission, to ensure that the hotel completely delights and satisfies the guest
  • Oversee the development of learning and development programs that deliver meaningful information to managers, so they can exceed our expectations
  • Administer the MOHG Colleague Engagement Survey - always striving for being the BEST!
  • To ensure that Mandarin Oriental, Macau’s grooming and appearance standards are implemented and maintained to reflect an image of professionalism and care
  • To ensure that the health and safety company standards are maintained and carried out. They must be monitored regularly to assist in scoring 100% on the MOHG Fire Life Health Safety and Security audit
  • Conduct all internship program interviews (telephone/in-person) of all colleagues up to the level of Executive
  • Make recommendations of all interviewed internship candidates for further consideration, set up all additional interviews as necessary; track applicant progress including of elimination from process with appropriate notification of rejection
  • Coordinate all actions and follow-ups with appropriate Department Head and Executive Committee member
  • Oversee the Internship Colleague Data Maintenance in connection with necessary new hire paperwork in order for the candidate to initiate work
  • Ensure all termination paperwork for trainees are properly completed i.e. exit interview, return of all hotel issued property, locker inventory, IT clearance form, etc
  • Oversee performance of his/her colleagues, provide support as needed
  • Preparation of L&D annual budget
  • Overall responsible for the development of all colleagues through succession planning, goal and development planning and coaching by implementing and monitoring the MOHG Performance Management and Development System PROFILE
  • Responsible for all strategic planning within Human Resources
  • Ensure security and confidentiality of all information throughout the hotel
  • Perform any other reasonable duties as required by the General Manager from time to time
  • Prepare and executive hotel monthly training plan
  • Manage the departmental trainer system and to arrange monthly departmental trainer’s meeting
  • Arrange On-Job Training (OJT) & Group Training Techniques (GTT) training and to ensure the hotel achieve the required ratio of trainers subject to the Learning & Development Review Standards
  • Conduct annual training needs analysis and self-review on Learning & Development Review Standard
  • Arrange all required documents and procedures for cross exposure and familiarization program
  • To co-assist the colleagues in preparing the administration for the external training
  • Deliver MOve-In Orientation Program for new hire colleagues
  • Arrange Interview for Success (IFS) training
  • Conduct Managing Learning & Development Program for Departmental Training Coordinator
  • Create all Learning & Development Programs in line with all Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Standards
  • Maximize learning and development by providing a creative, fun and exciting environment in the delivery of such learning & development sessions as: Orientation, Train the Trainer, Legendary Quality Experiences (LQE’S), Group Trainings, On-Job Trainings, Performance Management and Development System Training (PROFILE), etc
  • Ensure that MOMAC colleagues learning & development needs are met by arranging resources for training to be conducted throughout the hotel
  • Observe and appraise colleague performance during learning & development sessions, providing feedback which would facilitate improvements in accordance to MOHG standards with regard to product and performance and colleague development
  • Track, input and maintain all individual colleague training & development records within HRIS System
  • Facilitate, monitor and oversee all departmental learning & development programs, work closely together with Departmental Trainers on a scheduled basis
  • Support all efforts to enliven our Company’s Mission, Guiding Principles and Legendary Quality Experiences throughout the hotel
  • Assist in the Quarterly Information Sharing
  • Assist the HR Team in all colleague recognition programs
  • Development of monthly and annual learning & development plan and calendar
  • Plan and conduct meetings with department heads, departmental trainers and rest of colleagues to review performance trends, develop action plans and give recognition
  • Proactively stay in close contact with Corporate Learning & Development Office to be always up-to-date with all new learning & development materials and programs
  • Conduct needs analysis with department heads to assess specific learning & development needs
  • Oversee the youth talent development programme with all necessary paperwork and process

Our Ideal Learning & Development Manager candidate will have :

  • Good communication to different levels/age group within and outside the departments
  • Self-motivation
  • Excellent reading, writing and oral proficiency in the Chinese (Putonghua) and English language and communication skill

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