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Membership Experience Manager

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Z¸aby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates

Membership Experience Manager

  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Spa & Fitness Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Jul 31 2022 at 23:55 +04


  • Support company’s philosophy and company culture through the use of Departmental Legendary Quality Experiences on a daily basis to ensure Guest Satisfaction and the achievement of our Mission Statement.
  • Conduct professional tours and meetings with prospective members.
  • To develop a deep understanding of our service product, so as to effectively communicate with prospects on our offerings (facility/classes/PT/Spa/Club Lounge etc.)
  • To ensure that a high standard of service is maintained throughout the duration of each membership.
  • To send hotel-wide communication on new joining members and any other important information pertaining to membership.
  • Will train Spa & Wellness and other department colleagues on the overall membership programme, including any developing changes to membership.
  • To support in the creation of relevant SOP’s regarding membership process & payment.
  • Conduct regular market research on our comp-set to assess opportunities and risks for the membership.
  • Assist in other operations of Spa & Wellness, as required, such as:

           -Fitness Reception       

           -Unique events and Hotel marketing initiatives

            -Health & Safety reporting

  • Must have the ability to courteously interact and answer all Spa, Wellness and Hotel related questions with guests.
  • To be adaptable and accountable for all actions.
  • Will perform as a professional, with a friendly work ethic to conduct all duties and responsibilities as required by the position or assigned by the Fitness & Wellness Supervisor/Manager.
  • To assist in the smooth flow of the guest’s journey throughout the day.
  • Will greet each guest/member with a smile and acknowledge guests, even in passing.
  • Act as an hotel ambassador at all times.



  • To generate and maintain effective tracking of membership payment dues and total revenue generation.
  • Will check that membership payments are successfully obtained, as per the terms of each membership contract
  • To observe and track direct/in-direct revenue lines resulting from membership.
  • To support the planning & forecasting of the annual Membership P&L and re-forecast when necessary.
  • Will create an accurate monthly commission claim sheet that follows the process stated in the relevant P&P.
  • Ensure effective communication with the Finance department on any issues/support pertaining to membership creation, pricing, outstanding dues, and refunds.
  • Ensure the correct protective actions are in place to safeguard key personal/financial details of our members.



  • To support in the creation of an annual marketing strategy for membership growth & development.
  • Will seek to create member events at the Hotel, so that we can effectively engage with members.
  • Will attend relevant external events and networking opportunities, so that potential leads for membership can be sourced and new connections are established.
  • To work with our Marketing department to ensure the correct information is shared on our website and the Lifestyle Brochure remains updated/relevant.



Skills & Qualifications


Education & Certificates

  • High School qualification, or equivalent is preferred.
  • Degree or Higher National Diploma in the field Fitness/Sports/Personal Training is preferred.



  • Experience as a Membership Manager (2 years) within a luxury 5* hotel, commercial, or boutique facility is preferred.
  • Previous experience in Wellness operations, within a luxury facility, is advantageous.


Operational Skills

  • Strong knowledge on membership process and relevant market demographics.
  • Ability to work long hours with a strong focus on operational excellence.
  • Ability to understand the flow of service and handle multiple tasks effectively.
  • Strong computer skills, including MS Word/MS Excel/MS Outlook is preferred.


Communication Skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to develop rapport with guests/members to deliver superior customer service.
  • Ability to understand effective approaches of communication with different individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Able to communicate clearly with peers and management team.
  • Pleasant and polite, must be able to effectively communicate with guests/members on the telephone.

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