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MOSZN - Duty Engineer 值班工程师

Shenzhen, China, Guangdong, China

MOSZN - Duty Engineer 值班工程师

  • Shenzhen, China
  • Full time

Scope of Position

The incumbent is responsible for, but not limited to, the overall hotel engineering staff and functions, including the day to day operations of the mechanical and electrical plant and distribution, elevator functions, fire, life, health and safety systems, staff performance and asset management.


  • Good knowledge in building services system.                            
  • Holder of Electrical Low/High Voltage license
  • Good knowledge of local labour law
  • Good communication skills
  • Must possess excellent knowledge of energy management.
  • Must possess ability to conduct training of basic engineering systems.
  • Must possess ability to coordinate with multiple tasks.
  • Must possess ability to develop a financial budget.
  • Good knowledge of MS/Excel office software
  • Good knowledge of CAD system





  • 具备良好的建筑服务系统相关知识                                       
  • 持有电工证(强/弱电)
  • 良好的本地劳工法知识
  • 良好的沟通技巧
  • 拥有卓越的能源管理知识
  • 有能力培训基本工程系统
  • 有能力协调多种工作
  • 有能力制定财务预算
  • 良好的MS/Excel等办公软件使用知识
  • 良好的CAD系统知识


Closing date: Sep 18, 2021

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