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PA Supervisor 公共区域主管

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

PA Supervisor 公共区域主管

  • Guangzhou
  • Housekeeping Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Nov 27 2022 at 23:55 HKT

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all guests and visiting members of the public
  • Operating all different types cleaning equipment Using and handling cleaning chemical
  • Running Daily Operations according assignment Following with Maintenance of Equipment; Amenities Stock inventory;


Job Requested

  • Minimum 2 years international hotel working experience in the hotel industry.
  • High Flexibility and ability to work under pressure.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Responsible and positive attitude can work under pressure and with team work spirit.



  • 负责所有客人和访客的公共区域。
  • 懂得使用各种设备。
  • 会使用清洁剂。
  • 根据工作进行日常操作。
  • 跟进仪器保养;用品的库存;



  • 两年以上国际酒店相关岗位工作经验。
  • 较强的适应能力及抗压能力。
  • 良好的沟通技巧。
  • 认真负责,能承受工作压力并保持积极的工作态度与团队精神。

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