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Rooms Intern

Taipei, Taiwan

Rooms Intern

  • Taipei
  • Internship
  • Closing at: Jun 30 2023 at 23:55 CST

Front Office Trainee Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • To assist Front Office Department to communicate with other department as required.
  • To be a key person of the Front Office day to day smooth operation by spontaneously look for the needs by the team   
  • To coordinate with other departments to obtain the guest preference and input into the guest history
  • Gather feedback from Front Office department regarding to the operation improvement and report to the Front Office management team
  • To support Front office for the preparation of regular departmental training

Concierge Trainee Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • Attend to all feedbacks/comments from guest and transmit them to the departments concerned and ensure that corrective actions are taken immediately
  • To be concerned with staff discipline and performance in relation to all staff within the section.
  • To ensure that every matter in the logbook is followed up.
  • To accept luggage and parcels for safekeeping and ensure that at all time is recorded properly.
  • To pre-check all group rooming lists for arrival and departure.
  • To ensure that the training given is being used by all staff and subordinates within the section.
  • To provide general information to customers and guests in a good and helpful manner.
  • To ensure to have appropriate knowledge for the recommendation of tourist attraction and restaurants, according to the guest needs.
  • To identify ways of increasing the hotel’s overall profitability within the section.
  • To be completely aware of the Fire and Emergency Procedures of the hotel and your responsibilities in an emergency.
  • To ensure at all times that personal presentation is immaculate and your uniform or work clothes are in line with relevant Front Office and Hotel uniform and clothing codes.
  • To ensure that you are completely aware of the complete range of services and facilities that the hotel provides to its guests and visitors.
  • To ensure you have a complete and thorough knowledge of the outlets of the hotel, their operating hours and the scope of services that they provide.
  • To ensure on a daily basis that you are fully aware of all arrivals to the Hotel, and in particular, VIP and return guests, and that you are aware of any special requests so that they may be action accordingly.

Housekeeping Trainee Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the cleanliness of assigned guestrooms, guest floor hallway, and guest lift landing following hotel LQE, MOQA, PILLAR standards.
  • Ensure guestroom cleaning adhered to ECOLAB chemical training procedure, and use the correct tools provided by the hotel.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of guest floor hallway carpet, skirting boards, furniture and fixture.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of service areas including floor pantry, staff lift landing and staff toilet on the floor.
  • Responsible for the neatness of floor pantry including tidiness of linen, guest supplies and waste management.
  • Responsible for floor pantry’s ice machine and dish washing machine. The machines must be sanitized on timely manner and in good working order.
  • Responsible for placing and replenishing of guestroom’s amenities (flowers and fruits). To ensure their freshness. Used guest amenities to be cleared off immediately from the floor pantry.
  • Ensure floor pantry’s computer is used with responsible and only use for hotel business. Always log off when not in use.
  • Ensure floor pantry’s chemical room is maintained cleaned and tidied at all time.
  • Maintain all hotel equipment in good working condition.
  • Ensure maid trolley is kept neat and adequately supplied at all time.
  • Report maintenance issue to Engineering via HOTsos and to Floor Supervisors.
  • Report any loss or damage of linen, furniture, fixture or equipment to the Floor Supervisor immediately.
  • Ensure department’s master keys are kept secure at all the time, and sign in and sign out accordingly.
  • Responsible for the hotel’s duty phone during work and ensure it is used for work only.
  • Offer possible assistance to guests on timely manner.
  • Respond and deliver guest request on timely manner.
  • Deal with guest laundry when found in guestroom. Responsible to send down to laundry department or call laundry attendant for pick up immediately.
  • Remove and replace beddings, rollaway beds and baby cots whenever requested by guests.
  • Maintain good working relationships with associates and other departments.
  • Seek opportunities to continually improve guest services.
  • Respect guest privacy when room is on “Do not disturb” status.
  • Ensure all soiled linens and towels are removed from guestrooms and carefully put through the linen chute.
  • Ensure all guestroom’s lost and found items are sent down to Housekeeping Office Coordinator immediately for record keeping. 
  • Arrange and straighten all guest’s toiletries on linen cloth in the guestrooms.
  • Replenish guest supplies during room servicing and cleaning.
  • Efficiently make bed to meet appearance standard as trained and demonstrated.
  • Ensure all guest clothing are folded and shoes are paired neatly according to standard as trained and demonstrated.
  • Ensure all guestrooms’ and bathrooms’ windows and mirrors are clean and free of smears.
  • Ensure all used In-room dining trays and trolleys from guestroom and guest floor hallway are removed by calling In-room dining. Prepare to move them prior to In-room dining colleague’s arrival to ensure guests are not affected.
  • Vacuum the guestroom’s carpet and wipe down furniture and skirting boards/floor boards according to standard in all assigned work areas.
  • Ensure that all guestrooms’ electronic devices (television, remote controls, stereo, telephones, AC control panel, coffee machine, Water boiler, Minibar refrigerator) are working properly.
  • Evaluate work assignment and prioritize work load according to guest requests.
  • Ensure all guestrooms assigned are cleaned and completed with correct Housekeeping status marked in REX at the end of the day. The information needs to be confirmed and acknowledged by Housekeeping Office Coordinator.
  • Floor Supervisor will use guestroom cleaning checklist to monitor the performances of the colleague. Failure to comply with the checklist standard, follow up action will be taken by Assistant Executive Housekeeper.
  • Ensure task of the week and special cleaning project are completed on timely manner.
  • To adhere to additional tasks given by Director of Housekeeping and Assistant Executive Housekeeper.

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