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Secretary to Director of Sales & Marketing 市场销售秘书

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Secretary to Director of Sales & Marketing 市场销售秘书

  • Guangzhou
  • Sales & Marketing Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: Apr 5 2023 at 23:55 HKT

Duties and Supporting Responsibilities

  • Support company’s philosophy and company culture through the use of Pillars of Legendary Quality Experiences on a daily basis to ensure Guest Satisfaction and the achievement of our Mission Statement.
  • To ensure that Mandarin Oriental, Guangzhou’s grooming and appearance standards are implemented and maintained to reflect an image of professionalism and care.
  • Handle all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Collect and sort out all daily incoming mail, telex and fax especially in the morning session due to the accumulation of overnight correspondence
  • File correspondence and documents
  • Answer telephone calls and handle enquiries professionally
  • Prepare attendance records
  • Attend weekly Sales & Marketing meetings and bi-weekly business development meeting and prepare minutes
  • Handle expense reports
  • Arrange appointments for the Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Keep mailing list up-to-date.
  • Keep trace file up-to-date.
  • Prepare contracts if requested
  • Prepare files and documents for periodic meetings chaired or attended by the Director of Sales & Marketing.
  • Handle communication with clients on behalf of sales personnel or in their absence.
  • Assist other Sales and Marketing colleagues with administrative work when necessary.
  • Lead secretaries/Coordinator in handling the departmental administration.
  • Prepare travel arrangements for Sales and Marketing personnel.
  • Ensure that overall secretarial/administration task in the Sales & Marketing office are well understood and followed up.
  • Perform any other reasonable duties as required by the department head.


Job Requested

  • 1 years related working experience in 5 star international hotels.
  • With departmental secretary experiences.
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin, both spoken and written.
  • Proficient letter writing skills in both English & Chinese.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office etc.
  • Independent, committed and well-organized.
  • Good communication and interaction skills.
  • Strong organizational skills to handle multiple assignments.



  • 根据优质服务体验的准则,在日常工作中坚决贯彻公司经营理念及企业文化,确保
  • 顾客满意度,实现我们的宗旨。
  • 切实履行广州文华东方酒店的仪容仪表标准,时刻表现出专业和谨慎的形象。
  • 处理往来信件
  • 收集分类日常收到的信件、电报及传真,尤其是前一天晚些时候收到的信件
  • 文件和相关信息归档
  • 接听电话,接受咨询时须表现出专业性
  • 考勤记录
  • 参加部门每周例会及两周一次的业务发展会议,并做好会议纪要
  • 费用报销
  • 为市场销售总监做好日程安排
  • 更新联系
  • 更新跟踪文件
  • 如果有需要,应准备合同
  • 为市场销售总监主持或参加定期会议准备资料和文件
  • 当部门其他同事不在时,代表相关人员与顾客交流
  • 当有需要时,帮助部门同事完成行政工作
  • 协调部门行政事务
  • 为部门相关人员做好差旅安排
  • 确保部门所有行政事务都被知晓并得到跟进
  • 在部门领导的指导下完成其它工作



  • 一年以上五星级国际酒店相关工作经验优先。
  • 具有部门秘书经验优先。
  • 流利的中英文沟通及书写能力。
  • 精通中、英文公函写作技巧。
  • 精通微软Office等办公软件。
  • 独立性强、忠诚可靠并具良好的组织能力。
  • 良好的沟通协调能力。
  • 能够有条不紊地完成多项工作安排。

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