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Beijing, China


  • Beijing
  • Engineering Division
  • Full time
  • Closing at: May 31 2022 at 23:55 HKT
  • Attend fire and emergency procedures training as instructed by the Hotel management.


  • Attend any other training courses that are deemed necessary, to enable you to perform your job more efficiently, as instructed by the departments management.


  • Assist the department's training coordinator in implementing the engineering cross training program, to enable all engineering staff to become multi-skilled.


  • Attend (when on duty) the departments daily operational meetings.


  • To ensure any training requirements, job improvements, innovation or ideas you may have are passed onto the department's management during the regular counseling sessions.


  • Implement the Hotel's preventive maintenance program for your areas of responsibility (including life safety equipment), as instructed by the department's management and ensure tasks are completed competently and within a given time.


  • To ensure all logbooks, record sheets and daily of events are correctly completed and kept up to date prior to finishing your shift.


  • To ensure through continuous physical inspecting and testing of all mechanical services within the Hotel, an excellent knowledge of the systems is developed and implementation of standard procedures, so that the highest standard of maintenance is achieved.


  • To ensure any work requests that may come from the Hotel's guests or senior management is responded to within a given time. All such requests are to be recorded along with what action is taken.


  • To ensure maintenance requests assigned to you are completed safely and competently, with the minimum of disruption to the Hotel's guests and colleagues and within a given time. If, for any reason maintenance requests are not completed, these are to be highlighted and handed over to the Engineering Supervisor.


  • To carry out a daily tour of the Hotel to ensure all mechanical systems and equipment are in smooth operation at any time.


  • To ensure Hotel's fire, health and safety procedures are implemented.
  • 确保执行酒店消防、卫生和安全程序。
  • Encourages the highest possible standard of environmental management.


  • To perform any other duties and responsibilities as required by management.


  • Report any urgent matters or irregularities to the Director of Engineer or Assistant Director of Engineering immediately.


  • As technician, this position dictates you become a member of the Hotel's fire fighting team.


  • To ensure the daily inventory of the department’s tools and equipment issued to you is completed prior to completion of your shift.


  • To ensure the Hotel's security instructions and regulations are observed at all times in accordance with Hotel and Company policy and procedures.


  • Constantly strive to reduce utility costs for the Hotel without reducing quality of service, or impacting on our guests satisfactory in any way.


  • Monitor and report on progress of any plans or ideas implemented to reduce the Hotel's wastage of resources.


  • Constantly review the department’s performance and operations to stimulate ideas for reducing the department and Hotel's costs.


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