We celebrate the successes of our Colleagues, past and present.
Here we share the career highlights and personal journeys of our Forever Fans. See what our alumni have been up to around the globe.

Clothing, Apparel, Suit, Coat, Overcoat, Blazer, Jacket, Person, Tuxedo, Man







Jan Hollaender

Clothing, Overcoat, Coat, Suit, Sleeve, Person, Plant, Blazer, Long Sleeve, Tree








Antoine Périé

Tie, Accessories, Person, Suit, Coat, Clothing, Head, Executive, Necktie, Attorney








Sean O'Connor

Person, Glasses, Accessories, Face, Female, Clothing, Smile, Blazer, Suit, Tie








Cindy Teo

Chef Toni Robertson








Chef  Toni Robertson

Tie, Person, Suit, Clothing, Coat, Overcoat, Executive, Blazer, Man, Face








Raafat Rohaiem 

Tie, Suit, Clothing, Coat, Overcoat, Person, Man, Face, Necktie, Home Decor








Marcus Bauder

Person, Man








Alan Hepburn

Sleeve, Clothing, Apparel, Long Sleeve, Person, Finger








Marta Otrebska

Clothing, Person, Suit, Coat, Overcoat, Sleeve, Sitting, Finger, Jacket, Plant








Anike Widiyani

Female, Person, Clothing, Woman, Suit, Coat, Overcoat, Blonde, Girl, Dress








Anna Jarinova

Female, Person, Clothing, Apparel, Woman, Face, Girl








Lynsey Woolliscroft

Person, Clothing, Overcoat, Suit, Coat, Accessories, Tie, Man, Blazer, Jacket








Jose Arnold Alvero

Shelf, Person, Suit, Clothing, Furniture, Glasses, Lighting, Indoors, Table, Bookcase








Bong C. Valdez

Person, Apparel, Clothing, Sleeve, Finger, Pendant, Long Sleeve, Wood








Edwina A. Klünder

Person, Food, Meal, Dating, Female, Eating, Blonde, Plant, Lunch, Dish








Virginia Lara

Clothing, Person, Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Coat, Blazer, Face, Suit, Female








Twinnie O’Bree

Tie, Accessories, Clothing, Suit, Overcoat, Person, Necktie, Face, Jacket, Blazer








Michael Hobson