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We recognise that if Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group aspires to be the best, each Colleague - past and present, should be provided with the opportunities to learn and develop with us.  As such, we are delighted to share with our Forever Fans fresh, inspiring content to enrich your career journey.

The current videos will be available for viewing until the end of April, 2021.  Bookmark this page and visit us again in May for a fresh array of video content.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Join Zufar Khabibullin for a webinar on the importance of emotional intelligence and tips on controlling your emotions at work. 

Assert Yourself

Learn how to be assertive correctly, and how to engage yourself better with your colleagues with Jacqueline Moyse.

Developing Team Spirit

Jan Hollaender talks to us about how safeness, togetherness, openness and helpfulness can help us work together to develop team spirit.


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