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We recognise that if Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group aspires to be the best, each Colleague - past and present, should be provided with the opportunities to learn and develop with us. As such, we are delighted to share with our Forever Fans fresh educational discounts through our partners, as well as access to our own company resources that help our current colleagues grow and to enrich your career journey.



Introducing Online eCornell Courses for Forever Fans! 

Mandarin Oriental and eCornell have partnered to help you develop the skills you need to excel. All of our Forever Fans can now register for eCornell courses at discounted rates exclusive to Mandarin Oriental Colleagues and Forever Fans.


Learn From Anywhere

100% Online

Programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of busy professionals like you.



Learn From Cornell's

Top Minds

Courses are personally developed by faculty experts to help you gain today's most in-demand skills.


Enrich Your

Career Journey

Cornell's internationally recognized standard of excellence can set you apart.

** Important Disclaimer - Forever Fans are not required to complete any application forms or submit documents to Mandarin Oriental. Simply select your course or certificate of interest and click "ENROLL NOW". All Forever Fans will enjoy the Mandarin Oriental preferred discount rates on certificates and courses. 


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Learning and Development with Mandarin Oriental

The current videos will be available for viewing until the end of October 2021.  Bookmark this page and visit us again in November for a fresh array of video content.

Finding Motivation and Realistic Positivity During Challenging Times 

Guest speakers Theresa Leyman and Stephanie Wheeler spoke about how to rediscover your inner positivity and motivation in a realistic way. 



Moving Forward with the 7 Habits

Will Mayor discusses how we can move forward, and bounce back, using the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Teambuilding Techniques for All

Lucia Herrero our Director of Learning and Development at Mandarin Oriental, Doha uses her expert knowledge and teaches teambuilding techniques we can all use.


The views and opinions expressed in the videos are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.  Due to the social nature of this platform videos may contain copyrighted material by another entity or person. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group claims no copyright to said content and cannot be held accountable for the copyrighted content.  The host of this platform serves as a messenger and sharer of information and strives to verify, but cannot warrant the accuracy of copyrights or completeness of the information on this page. 

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