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Raafat Rohaiem

Mandarin Oriental, Miami 

Raafat has nearly 20 years of experience managing Rooms operations in the hospitality industry and delivering first-class personalized experiences to hotel guests. He first joined Mandarin Oriental in 2006 and will be returning to the M.O. family yearend as the Director of Rooms at the Mandarin Oriental, Miami.

You will be returning to the Mandarin Oriental Group as Director of Rooms for MOMIA - what do you look forward to most about the new chapter ahead?

I know it is a cliché to say " coming back home" or " rejoining the family" when we go back to an old company, but I think people started using such terminology because it explains the ease and comfort we feel when we go back to do what we love with the people we love most. Even though we hold a very high standard at MOHG, it comes out naturally in a very genuine way, which is not easy to find in other hotel groups. At MOHG, we don't give up on our values or on what we believe in, no matter how hard the tasks are. And I believe if you work at MOHG once and no matter where you go, MOHG never leaves you. It is in our DNA.

Thank you for being such an active Forever Fan in the alumni community - in your opinion, what is most unique about the experience? 

I learned at MOHG that "people are what matter. Our people are our greatest asset." And having this great Alumni community is another great tool to learn from each other and share our experiences.

What advice would you give to the early talent interested to develop a career in hospitality? 

Remember this is a people business, yes the product is important, however, this is all about the people and the way we create memories for the guests and each other. In our business, great things are accomplished by a "good team". And a good team means smart people. No one knows it all. No one can do it by himself. There is nothing wrong when it comes to seeking mentorship and guidance.

Our business is full of great mentors who thrive on helping others. Finally, choose wisely and join the right company, one that values you and your talent. Join the company that can push you in the right direction to build a successful career! Come and join us at MOHG; you will enjoy the journey!