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Anike Widiyani

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Anike Widiyani has worked in the hospitality industry for over 14 years, focusing on HR and colleague experience. She has just returned to the Group to take on a brand-new challenge at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta.

You have just returned to Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, as Director of Colleague Services. What are you looking forward to most about returning to the MO family?

Proudness, yet humble spirit as part of a family. From one of the most reputable and very well-regarded luxury hotel brands, both in the city and globally. I thank you for the opportunity and trust given in me to re-join the MO Family. After self-learning to balance my professional and personal exposure by involving myself more in academics within the past two years. I found out that I missed my 'me time' in the real world, my involvement in the industry, and my MOJKT family, which gave me the life experience for my growth.

I am looking forward to again sharing the opportunity to grow with all colleagues in MOJKT and MOHG globally.


Your title at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta, is 'Director of Colleague Services,' which is different from the traditional title of 'Director of Human Resources'. How does this difference in title change the way you operate as a leader?

HR functionality and practices have transformed globally, especially in the hospitality sector. Strong branding is not simply pursued through Guests perspective, but additionally, colleagues likewise are in the same position to strengthen the MO brand. The best way to enhance the brand is by delivering colleague quality experiences and other innovative initiatives oriented towards the appreciation and enhancement of colleagues.

These values inspired me to contribute to the company with new approaches and actualise the HR leaders' role and functionality to create a constructive, developmental, caring, and responsible employment workplace.


You started your Human Resources career as a Learning and Development specialist and worked your way into the Head of Department – what advice would you provide to other Colleagues in specialist HR roles keen to move toward HR generalist function?

This is a difficult one for me... since I have never realised myself, that my career achievements are special. My advice is to understand yourself, both your strengths and weaknesses. Then get help and find the right mentor to help you see and seek the opportunities and alternative solutions in your surroundings. This enables us to have guidance so we can see everything from a broader perspective. Furthermore, always give yourself room for stretching your talent and potential, being open, and listening to yourself and your surroundings.

I still believe that becoming a generalist without an in-depth understanding of your areas' know-how will help you plan. However, it will mean the highest chance of limitations in the quality of your leadership and execution.

Therefore, a solid specialist who thoroughly understands their areas and their respective complexity will help us become a comprehensively agile and resourceful generalist. They will be someone who can solve any strategic or challenging situation, communicate with colleagues at any position, and introduce any changes with appropriate synergy, fairness, independence, and accountability.