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Jose Arnold Alvero

Shakey's Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc.

Jose began his journey at Mandarin Oriental, Manila where he started his hospitality career as a Front Office Receptionist. He then moved on to enjoy a very successful career with McDonald’s, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, One Food Group and now Shakey’s Philippines as Vice President -  International Operations & Head - Franchise and Business Development.

What is your most memorable career moment with Mandarin Oriental?

The day that I was hired as a Front Office Receptionist. Back then, I was so thrilled and excited that I will be part of the Mandarin Oriental family. It being my first job straight out of college (in fact, I didn't attend our college graduation as my first day of work was Feb, 27, 1984 and graduation rites were to be held in April), I was lucky to have started my career in the hospitality industry in an environment of fun, excellence, and guest-centricity. From day 1, I moved my way up to Executive Butler and then to Guest Service Manager, with an Employee of the Month award to boot somewhere in between.


After you moved on from Mandarin Oriental, Manila, you enjoyed a very successful career having worked at McDonald’s, Red Ribbon Bakeshop, One Food Group and now Shakey’s Philippines. What did you learn during your time at MO, Manila that helped you in your career growth?

That one should always go for a WIN-WIN-WIN end result: Win for the Guest, Win for the Company, and Win for Yourself. If you're able to consistently exceed guests' expectations, they will become advocates of your brand. When that happens, business will prosper even during difficult times, and from a personal standpoint, you get satisfaction in the fact that you were able to contribute to the fun times, fond memories and ultimately make a difference in the lives of your guests in your own little way. I have been in the hospitality industry for the past 36+ years, and my Mandarin Oriental, Manila stint has always served as my guide post on how to deliver the best guest experience on a consistent and sustained basis.


What advice would you give to other Forever Fans who are still growing their careers?

Let me share the WOW Principle that my current boss and company espouse --- always strive to be: BETTER THAN BEFORE, BETTER THAN OTHERS, & BETTER THAN EXPECTED. When you wake up every morning looking forward to exceeding guest expectations, pleasing them, and eagerly anticipating their next visit/experience/transaction so that you can AGAIN deliver more than what they want -  then I am confident that you will continue to be significant, fulfilled, and go higher up the ladder of personal and professional success. 🙂 SEMPER AD MELIORA!